Fletcher the Magicpower Coon




EC Chief the Purrfect Coon

Black tabby mc.



Pahokee's Stairway to Heaven

black tabby cl.


Ch. Tara's Et-Zetera


MtKittery Arapahoe

Talisman Penumbra Moon of Taramaine

Willoplace Roxanne

black silver tabby cl.

GC. Saint Clouds Silverdude of Willowplace

Ch. Willowplace Legendary Facsimile


Wildborn's Jolene


Love Hulen's Djanko

blue silver tabby cl.

EC Pawatuck Bruiser

Love Hulen's Snowwhite

Willowplace Circus Clown

black tabby mc.

GC. Hillside Mr. Spock of Willowplace

GC. Willowplace Anna Arabella



GIC Yankee Cats Gwendolyn

Black-silver-tabby cl.



Eur.Ch. Weidebusch's Percy of Yankee Cats

black-silver-tabby cl.

Ch. Weidebusch's Houston

black silber tabby cl.

GP.+Gc. Masteast's Jonathan Edwards

GC. McKittycreek Janet of Weidebusch

Hot Maylove's Broadway Girl

black tortie

IC Guldfakse's Ottawa

Ch.Int. Monashees Show Girl


Ch. Chamberlain's Apanatchee of Yankee Cats

black torbie

Eur.Ch. Pahokkee's Here I am

black tabby cl.

Ch. Tara's Et-Zetera

Willowplace Roxanne

Pr.+GC. Witchcats Ivory

creme silber tabby cl.

Ch. Kittyup's Geronimo

Oilily the Unicat


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